Batman v Superman

What do you expect when two of the most iconic DC heroes ever created engage in an epic face-off on the big screen? Undoubtedly, a mighty, record-shattering blockbuster. With 11 million views on the final trailer, this is definitely the most-hyped movie of all time. Catch up on 10  eye-popping facts about the movie and brag about them, before it hits the theatres on 25th March.

Breaks Records To Emerge As The Most Expensive Film

Did you know that the making of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice cost roughly $410 million? This places Batman v Superman as the most expensive film of all time, ousting previous record holder, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

Kryptonite-Laced Batsuit: Not A Single Chink In His Armour

Son of Krypton Vs Kryptonite Armour. What a face-off! In this movie, Batman will don a reinforced mech-suit equipped with strength-augmenting armour, laced with Kryptonite. Sure seems like Batman will put a good fight against Superman’s god-like powers and abilities.

Zack Snyder Wanted To Cast Christian Bale. Guess What? Not For Batman

The director revealed that he once considered The Dark Knight Trilogy’s star Christian Bale in his movie, though, not for the role of the caped crusader, but for another supporting role. Indeed, it’s a heartbreak for all Bale’s fans. Because as they say, the director always takes the final call.

Movie Extra Risks $5 Million Fine Over Revealing The Plot

A man, who used to work on the sets of this mega movie, shared the potential plot details with a local news station. This individual risked a whopping $5 million fine for breaching the confidentiality agreement as laid-down by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Call him dumb or a daredevil, you decide!

Ben Affleck Finds Batsuit Too Expensive To Afford

Ben Affleck claimed in an interview that he wanted to keep the batsuit after filming was completed. The producers agreed but Ben had to buy it for $100,000. Affleck changed his mind and asked if he could just take a photo with it instead.

No Child’s Play: Batman’s New Toys To Look Out For

First up, the iconic batrangs. In the upcoming movie, they will not just be used for disarming opponents, but will also function as Batman’s calling card. Next is the Batman Crowl, more advanced than previous ones, will allow the Batman to modify his voice and communicate with Alfred in the Batcave. Lastly, the Batmobile will be seen in a different avatar. Measures 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, and is equipped with front-mounted machine guns.

Batman Gets A Standing Ovation

When WB executives saw a preview of the film, they were reportedly so impressed, the rough-cut movie received a standing ovation and a deal was negotiated with Ben Affleck to make three solo Batman movies, rather than one as originally planned.

Christian Bale Offers Words Of Wisdom To Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck received some words of wisdom from Christian Bale on playing Batman: “Make sure you can piss in that suit.” It appears Ben took it to heart as indicated by the zipper built into the Batsuit to avoid having to remove the whole thing to answer nature’s call.

Heroes Hit The Gym Super Hard For Their Avatars

To do justice to their ever-heroic and superhuman avatars, Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck had to take on some heavy training to shape up for their roles. Ben had to add an additional 30 pounds to fit the Batman character while Henry reached a whopping 220 pounds during his training. Brace yourself, for some heavy-duty muscle flexing on the big screen!

First-Live Action Film To Cast The Trinity Together

Wonder Woman is debuting in this movie—her first appearance in a live-action movie along with Batman and Superman. Even though heroes like Aquaman and The Flash are also expected to make cameo appearances, Wonder Woman is an integral part of the overall story.
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