8 Pubs In Connaught Place To Go Drinking This Weekend


Why stick to one when you can go to 8? Here’s a list of pubs in Connaught place that serve up a heady mix of pauwaas, alcoholic chuskis, beers on tap, classic cocktails, mocktails, and promise to go easy on the pocket. What’s not to love?

The Beer Cafe

Image Courtesy: www.nearbuy.com

Race up the stairs of Beer Cafe to choose from a range of draughts and bottle beers. Make yourself comfy on couches indoors or watch the world go by in the outdoor section. Don’t forget to try the Mojitos and Margaritas with a Beer twist, of course! Beerjitos and Beer-ritas and the beer-battered onion rings are calling you!

Smoke on Water

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With loud, rock music, TV screens around, a great vibe and unique tap-your-beer at the table, spread across two floors, Smoke on Water, Delhi’s first brewery, has high bricked walled interiors, giving it an old world English charm. Get a refundable card recharged, place it on the sensor on the table then tap your Beer and enjoy. Need something to nibble on? Pick from 16 varieties of chicken wings! Beer not your thing? Try the pauwaas with an Indian twist-kala khatta and rum, vodka-infused betel leaves and a range of LIITs and other cocktails.

Monkey Bar

Image Courtesy: http://monkeybarindia.com/connaughtplace/
Image Courtesy: http://monkeybarindia.com/connaughtplace/

Looking for cocktails? Head to Monkey Bar for some of the best. Sit by the bar, snack on juicy burgers and groove to DJ music. Play rounds of pool in between sips of the Mangaa (an inspired amalgamation of vodka and Aam Panna), the vodka-based, kick spicy Shazia Imli, the tantalizing Don Draper, which delicately balances the sweetness of sugarcane with bourbon or the popular gin and ginger-ale based Ginger Rogers.

Lord Of The Drinks

Image Courtesy: saltandsandals.com
Image Courtesy: saltandsandals.com

Alcoholic chuskis, anyone? Get your fix at Lord of the Drinks. This talk-of-the-town place has a lot of sections, so pick wisely. Outdoors for loud music and dancing, or indoors for groups and softer music. Bathed in dim orange light, their drinks range from the tempting rum, chocolate and vanilla chuski and the LIIT chuski, to their exquisite, classic cocktails.


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A massive space with live acts, bold graffiti and cymbal lights, FLYP@MTV is coolness personified. Even their drinks have a certain panache. Their most popular being Putin from Russia, which has just the right punch of ginger, raspberry, and vodka. Another popular drink is the Tall, Dark, and Irish from Ireland –a fabulous Indian take on strong Irish coffee.

Hunter’s Lodge @ JJ

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A theme-based lounge with huge animal head statuettes on the walls that give a jungle-like feel to the dining area; Hunter’s Lodge @ JJ is a must-visit place! Their Rum-based Jamboree Special and Vodka-based Black Russian are exceptional concoctions. Pair a drink with Cajun Fries or Mushroom Caps, and you are in heaven!

The Vault Cafe

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Rustic bronze, orange glow lights, red-tinted windows and a magnificent view of the inner circle of CP. All this at The Vault Cafe, while you’re sipping on gigantic cocktail pitchers, aptly called vaulted chests. Join in the fun with the thumping music or sit in one of the secluded areas, aptly called vaults for private gatherings. Try their Warning Extra Spicy Chicken Wings or English Fish and Chips, and wash it down with Daiquiri with Star Anise and Litchi or a pitcher of Tokyo Ice Tea!

Aqua – The Park

Image Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/AquaTheParkNewDelhi/photos/
Image Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/AquaTheParkNewDelhi/photos/

End your night at CP with some soothing live music, heady cocktails and a serene ambience with a pool in the middle and gorgeous, white gazebos around it at Aqua. Try the Cosmopolitan with a pomegranate twist, Singapore Sling and Love Junk at Aqua, while you nibble on pizzas and their Cigara Boregi filled with cheese.

Looking for more options around Connaught Place? Find awesome places to eat and drink in and around the area on nearbuy.com.

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