OMG: You Won’t Believe These Crazy Facts About M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story

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Story traces Dhoni’s journey right from days as ticket checker

The story of MS Dhoni is not just about cricket, but his journey. Director Neeraj Pande has traced Dhoni’s life by shooting at locations associated with Dhoni, like his house in Ranchi, his school and at Kharagpur station where the cricketer was stationed as ticket-checker.

M S Dhoni: The Untold story
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Story will reveal untold story Of Dhoni’s tragic first love

The movie will reportedly be throwing light on a certain phase of Dhoni’s life-his first love story, which saw a tragic end. According to media reports, when Dhoni was in his 20s and carving his place in Team India, he was in a relationship with a girl called Priyanka Jha, who passed away in a road accident.

M S Dhoni: The Untold story
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Sushant trained by former cricketer Kiran More

Sushant had to work really hard to achieve the physique and stamina of a cricketer, as a major portion of the film shows him playing the sport. He worked with Dhoni’s trainer Kiran More and psychotherapist Vaibhav Daga

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Training schedule left Sushant with aching ribs, hairline crack

His rigorous training used to begin at 5.20am, training in getting the shots correct, warm up drills, watching 1,000 hours of footage of Dhoni playing on the field, recording each day of the training session and analyzing shots that were even slightly off, and perfecting them to resemble Dhoni actually playing. Sushant was left with aching ribs, and eventually a hairline crack and bed rest for 2 weeks.

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Sushant went from 72 kilos to 87 and then lost 20 kilos again

Sushant worked on his lower body and muscles. From 72 kilos, he had to reach 87 kilos and later reduce it by 15-20 kilos again to shoot the earlier portions of the film.

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 Sushant got a picture clicked with Dhoni in 2006

Back in 2006 or 2007, Sushant’s family and him reached out to Dhoni and clicked a picture with him. Little did he know that 10 years on he would actually be playing Dhoni in a movie!

M S Dhoni: The untold story
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 Sushant spent over a year growing & styling his hair to resemble Dhoni’s

Sushant kept away from public appearances and spent over a year to grow and style his hair to resemble Dhoni’s, then later cut his hair as he was shooting the portion of the film where the cricketer had short hair.

M S Dhoni: The Untold story
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Sushant lived Dhoni’s life

Aping Captain Cool’s body language, facial expressions and style of speaking was no cakewalk. Sushant met all the people related to Dhoni’s life, his friends from Ranchi and Kharagpur and hung out with them to understand how Mahi was as a friend. He perfected it so well that his own close friends would mock him saying, ‘Ae Dhoni’ and he would look back and smile.

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Film recovers Rs 60 crore already
The movie budget is pegged at Rs 80 crores, out of which Rs 60 crore is already recovered for its satellite rights and through brands promoted in the film.
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Movie originally scheduled for 2015 release

The movie was scheduled for release in 2015, but was later pushed to 2016 as the script of the movie had to be reworked since Dhoni quit test cricket last year and became a father to a baby girl. These reasons, and financial issues delayed the shooting of the film.

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From London to Mauritius

The shooting location of the movie was shifted from London to Mauritius at the last minute to save on production cost, which is high in London.

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Anupam Kher shaves off moustache for role

Anupam Kher, who plays Dhoni’s father in the film, shaved off his moustache after many years, to fit his role.

Anupam Kher M S Dhoni
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