Donald Trump Wins & People Are Losing It On!


1. The Mexicans

Artificial wall climbing offers

Since Trump’s going to build a wall, it’s never too late to start practising…

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 2. People From The Middle East 

Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, KFC

Well, if you can’t go to America, bring America food to you…


3. The African Americans

Dental care services

Apparently it’s a gift for Trump, since word has gotten around that he is going to punched in the face and might end up losing a few teeth.


4. Hillary Clinton

Online email tutorial

She’s realised she could do with a little help to ensure she gets better at the secretive server business.

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Image Courtesy:

5. Barack Obama

A night out at the pub

He hopes to get so drunk, he passes out and wakes up to realise Trump winning is all a bad dream.

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Image Courtesy:

6. Indian people 

PVR meal vouchers

Trump’s elected. The show’s about to begin, might as well keep the popcorn ready!


7. Charlie Sheen

Unlimited drinks

Because he’s celebrating Trump’s victory of course. It has nothing to do with his drinking problem. Nothing.

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Image Courtesy:

8. Leonardo DiCaprio

A wine bottle

He was supporting Hillary and she lost, so he’s poured himself a glass and is waiting for the new memes to pour in.


9. Donald Trump

A day out at the salon

After all that hard work, he could do with a good pampering session. It’s not easy maintaining that skin tone, that hair, those fingers!


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