Coldplay Is In India, And You Won’t Believe What Chris Martin Has Been Up To

He’s de-stressing before the show by exploring offers on Here are the offers he loved.

1. Sky Diving

So he can reach for ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’

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2. Air Safari

To finally be able to experience an ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’

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3. A Spa Session at Paradise Spa

Now, he’ll know what it’s like to experience a touch of ‘Paradise’

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4. A Ticket to Water Kingdom

Because he’s been told that not every ‘Teardrop Is A Waterfall’

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5. Astrology Services

To find out if he’ll ever meet ‘The Scientist’

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6. Dinner with Drinks at a Mumbai Bar

So he has a place to sing a ‘Hymn For The Weekend’

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7. Dinner at Yellow Brick Road

He’s been wanting to experience a taste of ‘Yellow’

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8. Spiritual Counselling

So he has a place where he can just ‘Talk’

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9. MicroFlight Flying in Bangalore

So he can go ‘Up & Up’

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10. Magic Show

Well, obviously because he believes in ‘Magic’

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11. A night of live music at Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai

It’s about time he discovered the ‘Speed Of Sound’

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