Party Animals Alert: 10 Reasons You Cannot Miss Out On The Great Indian Pub Crawl


1. It’s a great way to meet new people

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2. Well, how else are you going to drink all night in Delhi-NCR for just Rs 399 if you’re single and Rs 999 if you’re a couple?

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3. Remember when you decided to go pub-hopping but got too lazy and stuck to one place all night? This is a great way to experience three different pubs in one night.

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4. You’re going to have so many stories for your next catch-up with friends. And imagine the FOMO they will experience. Don’t forget to check in!

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5. It’s a pub-crawl, with people you don’t know, and lots of drinks. You can shed all your inhibitions and be yourself. By the end, everyone will be bustin’ out their dance moves. It’ll be hard not to join in!

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6. Perfect for the Indecisive. Can’t make up your mind about where to go out? You don’t even have to think about it, with a bar crawl. It’s already planned out for you.



7. You won’t have to walk for more than a minute to get to the next drinking location.

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8. It’s one Wednesday night you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life. Well, maybe you won’t remember it, but you’ll know you had a blast.

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9. Did we mention there’s going to be unlimited alcohol?

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10. Worried about waking up hungover the next morning? We’ve got you covered! Once the Pub Crawl starts, you will get a bottle of Morning Fresh – India’s first natural alcohol detox drink, your last shot of the night.
Gulp it down and wake up fresh on Thursday morning.

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Who will be the last one standing? Find out by reserving your spot here.

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