Dunkirk Movie Review : Christopher Nolan’s done it yet again!


In 5 words… A well crafted War Epic!

Christopher Nolan movies are well-received both by critics and audiences worldwide. Dunkirk depicts the adversity faced by Allied soldiers (from Belgium, The British Empire & France) during their evacuation from the beach and harbor of Dunkirk. The event recalls the biggest evacuation in military history – amidst the Allies being pinned down, surrounded by German troops and having limited rescue options during World War II.


The legendary duo of Christopher Nolan & Hans Zimmer have definitely created yet another suspense-filled masterpiece. Their unique blend of script and soundtrack have been creating magic together ever since their first movie ‘Batman Begins’, this is quite evident in Dunkirk as well.

With more IMAX footage shot in this movie compared to any of Nolan’s previous films, we recommend you watch this epic at an IMAX Cinema.

Being a perfectionist that is Christopher Nolan, thinking out of the box & his choice of actors add to his repertoire of talents. He has long cemented his name in Hollywood with movies like Interstellar, Inception & The Batman Trilogy – making him one of the greatest filmmakers this century has ever seen. With Dunkirk, he has undeniably created yet another Oscar contender.

nearbuy’s rating: 4.8/5

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– by Rashik Sharif & Vivian Pavamani for nearbuy

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