Quick Guide to Make this Raksha Bandhan Super Special!

She’s your partner-in-crime, your worst enemy, your confidant and the only person who understands how your uniquely crazy your family is. You’ve driven each other crazy multitudes of times but you cannot think of anyone you’d replace her with. It has and always been, you and her against the world. This Raksha Bandhan, nearbuy shows you how you can show a little love and make your sister feel like a princess!

For all those times, you’ve eaten up her share of food or stolen that last bit of candy that she had saved for after dinner, take her out for a bite to eat. nearbuy shows you where.

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Remember pulling her hair to annoy her? Well, its time to let her pamper those tresses. Book an appointment here.

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For all those times, when you took her to watch a nail-biting horror movie, click here to let her indulge in some extraordinary nail spa offers.

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If she is the kind to crib about not fitting into her size 28 jeans anymore, nearbuy has the perfect solution for you. Click here for a variety of fitness offers.

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If all else fails to impress, take you entire family out on a holiday. nearbuy has a diverse range of stay packages for every kind of traveller. Check them out here.

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You may fight, you may throw things at each other or she may make you get so enraged that you’d have virtual smoke coming out of your ears. But at the end of the day, you know that she is essential for your survival and vice versa. Make this Raksha Bandan one for the ages. #StepOutWithnearbuy to have a fabulous time with your sister.

– Merlin Jose & Sonia Jacob for nearbuy

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