Starbucks is celebrating 100 stores in India & you get all Tall handcrafted Beverages for just ₹ 100. WOW, Right?


Which is every millennial’s favourite hangout? Let me give you a hint: It involves one of the best coffee on the go!

Still no clue? It’s our pal Starbucks, silly! So, with that sorted let us get to the big news.

Starbucks is celebrating the success of 100 stores in India! whoopie!! And to commemorate 100 stores, it’s going to go quite literally centennial with the celebrations too!! Another hint: It involves lots of perks for you, the customer!Yaasss!

So, if you haven’t guessed it yet, Starbucks Stores will be handing out tall handcrafted beverages only for 100 bucks! Don’t believe us?

Oh and the Rs. 100/- is inclusive of taxes!!

Head out to the Starbucks Stores on the 28th of October and check it out for yourself!

Now, for all you Kolkata dwellers, there’s more awesome news!

The latest Starbucks Stores in India will soon be opening at 3 locations in Kolkata!The cafe will start with a flagship store at Park street. Two additional Starbucks Cafes will be opening at South Kolkata.

So, it doesn’t matter if they never got your name right. They’ve got you your favourite coffee for a throwaway price!Yipee!


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