Kolkata,3 Old Monk Rum for 90 bucks ? We’re Not Kidding, This Restaurant in Kolkata is Giving You That And Much More!


Feeding your stomach is normal, it’s only when your soul is fed that you feel completely satisfied. Get complete satisfaction over a leisurely meal by heading to Restobar, a dining at The Senator Hotel, Kolkata.

And what better way to get some serious soul-feeding than to accompany good food with some Good Booze! You feel us?! Then, there’s more, The Restobar at the Senator Hotel will be surprising you with some good old alcoholic beverages for dirt cheap prices!

Don’t believe us? Check this out (Click on the offer you want to buy it right away before it ends ūüôā

  1. 3 Old Monk Rum (30 ml each) -Rs. 90/-
  2. 3 Magic Moments Vodka(30 ml each)-Rs. 90/-
  3. 3 McDowell’s No. 1 Whiskey(30 ml each)-Rs. 100/-
  4. 3 Celebration Rum(30 ml each)-Rs.100/-
  5. 3 White Mischief (30 ml each)-Rs.100/-
  6. 1 Bottle Magic Moments Electra Cranberry -Rs.100/-
  7. 3 Royal Challenge Whiskey (30 ml each)-Rs.150/-
  8. 3 Royal Stag Whiskey (30 ml each)-Rs.150/-
  9. 1 Bottle Of Tuborg Strong Beer(650ml)-Rs.175/-
  10. 3 Bacardi (30 ml each)-Rs. 200/-
  11. 3 Blenders Pride Whiskey (30 ml each)-Rs. 250/-
  12. 3 Smirnoff Vodka (30 ml each)-Rs. 250/-

Besides the awesome and pocket-friendly alcohol, the chefs here create decadent flavor combinations and give out varieties of menus in North Indian and Chinese cuisine.

If you want to host a corporate event, a mini-banquet or a birthday party, then this is a must hit for reservation. Known for an ambience that has a perfect setting for any occasion, the restaurant proves to be ideal for family dinners and anything else with its aromatic food with a soothing lit ambience and comfortable seating.


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