Invisible Dinner Date Anyone? Pune, Here’s How You Can Take A Real Date Out For An Invisible Dinner! P.S: We’re not even trolling!


Sure we’ve all done the cliched candle-light dinner, but here’s what you should add to your bucket list ASAP: An invisible dinner!

Nope, we’re not trolling with you! Of course an invisible dinner will involve food. And  get this : Food that is  delicious!

We’re talking about this unique restaurant in Pune that serves you dinner amidst darkness, your old friend.

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The Black World is a restaurant in Hinjewadi, Pune that’s well known for it’s Invisible Dinner. They serve a scrumptious variety of delicacies in complete darkness. Whether it’s to spend some quality time with your loved one, celebrating something, or on a blind date, The Black World is the right spot for you.

So turn your phone light off and head out already. You can experience a unique interactive journey to an invisible world in total darkness; you find your way only by touch, sounds, smell & taste and their sense of balance.

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And mind you, You won’t need the lights to check if your food is delicious, aromatic dishes will take over your senses. Featuring a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant environment, and with its charming live music, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience here.

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