Wait, What? It’s Still Holiday Time at Barbeque Nation? But Kyu?? Well you can join in too!!


Diwali Is Over, But Not Our Holiday Mood! *Sob*

Diwali just got over and it’s already time for the Mundane Mondays. *groans*

We know, we know! We haven’t gotten over our holiday mood either! And we’re definitely STILL craving all the delicious food!

How About A Barbeque Holiday?

Now, where do you head when you crave something meaty, something smoky, and something oh-so-delicious? Well? Don’t think too much for there’s only one Universal Answer: Barbeque Nation!!  I know you’re going OMG #Meattoo!

We <3 Barbeque Nation: Here’s Why

With beginnings in just 2006, the Multi Franchisee Barbeque Restaurant has already grown to become India’s beloved buffet hangout.  What makes the place so special you ask?

Answer this: How cool is a restaurant where you can grill your own food right on your table? Very Cool, right? We Know!! And that is exactly what Barbeque Nation is about!

But if you thought that is it, read on and you’ll know.

Barbeque Nation is a hub of the tastiest grilled meats, veggies, and a myriad of fresh seafood! We kid you not, their special seafood array can take you by absolute surprise!

Another favourite here, is the grilled baby corn: and they’ll give you loads of it!The best thing? it’s Barbeque! So, it’s not only incredibly tasty but so much more healthier!

It’s Always Diwali Here 😉

Now, follow up on this piece of information: it’s India’s beloved buffet joint! What does that mean? UNLIMITED SERVINGS of all your favourite food: from North Indian, to Chinese, to Continental!You name it,you got it!  WOAH!

Well, looks like you can enjoy ALL the Barbeque you want with no guilt OR extra expenses! YAYYY BUDGET!

So, head out already and make sure you’ve got an appetite! Because Barbeque Nation will Serve You GOOOD!

Hmm, I guess it’s Always Diwali for us Foodies. *wink*

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-Simran Sharma For nearbuy.com

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