Delhi, Are You Listening? 60 Foot Long Live BBQ Trailer, India’s First BBQ Bike @Horn OK Please!

Delhi’s most-loved Food Truck Festival is back and how! After the stupendous success of its first edition, Horn OK Please is back in a grander avatar. There’s food, there’s entertainment and you know what there’s some never-seen-before kinda stuff too!

If you’ve been spotting quite a few food trucks lately, don’t be taken by surprise if you bump into a food bike next – and that too a bike serving scrumptious Barbeque food!

Horn OK Please will be featuring a 60 foot long, live BBQ trailer, and what we call India’s first BBQ bike. Now isn’t that too exciting to be missed?

So if you feel eating at a good ol’ barbeque restaurant or a food truck is too mainstream, you now know where to head to! “Food on a Bike” is soon going to create a revolution of sorts – mark our words. We mean MARK OUR WORDS!

The early bird tickets for Horn OK Please are all SOLD OUT! Click here to book the normal tickets. 


– Harsh Baldev for nearbuy

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