Beer at ₹ 3 today as The Vault Cafe, CP is turning 3! Wohooo! Who are we chugging this with?

Delhi, your favourite vault themed cafe is turning 3 today and we just cannot contain our excitement.

Located at Connaught Place, The Vault Cafe has been ‘wow’ing Delhiites with their delectable menu that spans across North Indian, Mediterranean, Asian and Continental cuisines and today, on their third anniversary, they are going a step further.

Vault is turning 3 and they want you to join in the celebrations by offering cold Beer at Rs 3, all day long today. Yeah you heard that right, just Rs 3. Now isn’t that simply irresistible?

Cold Beer at Rs 3, on a chilly winter day, served in a classy and peppy ambiance by Vault’s courteous staff. Aaahhhhh! An epic Thursday this is turning out to be, no?

Having too much of good things is no myth, perhaps!

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–  Harsh Baldev for

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