Nail Art For 70 Bucks At This Awesome Looking Place In Delhi

Looking at giving your nails a new look this winter? Then head straight to The Mani Pedi Spa in Delhi.

Located in South Point Mall, this spa is one of the largest of its kind.

The salon offers a range of international standard services dedicated to feet, hands and nail beauty. What’s more, it is super spacious, has a vibrant ambiance and has experienced staff who know how to make you feel pampered.

And what if we told you this place would give a new look to your nails through beautiful nail art for 70 INR? Yes, just 70 bucks, people! So come over! It is time to add some drama – both to our lives and to our nails, ladies!

Nail art is a fast growing fashion in India. Why don’t you join in the fun? Click here to here to know more & get your nail art done in 70 bucks by purchasing the offer from


-Harsh Baldev for

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