Chocolate Coated Paans, Jelly Stuffed Paans, Khajur Paans And 132 Kind Of Paans At This Awesome Place In Kormangala

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Get paantastic feel at Hello Paanwala

When it comes to having some mouth refreshing feel after meals, in India, first thing that is preferred is PAAN. And at this place in Bengaluru, paans are served with innovation

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Prefer experiments? Then this place is surely for you. The green leaf, with the traditional stuffing, now may seem boring to many, for them, they have brought offers like, Chocolate coated paan, Iced Paan, Jelly stuffed Paans, Khajur paans, Liquid Chocolate paans, and the list continues up to 132 such options. Each paan has its unique fillings and chutneys. For adventurous people, there is a very attractive option of fire paan or fire ball too. This would surely set a fire to your taste buds guys. Engulfing a ball of burning fire, may give you goosebumps, but these goosebumps, should not stop you from trying this, as ofcourse there is no risk involved.

Iced paans, serve the purpose of ice creams+paans. OOO, both the things at just the cost of one, surely not a bad offer. Iced paans are served in different flavours like vanilla, strawberry, etc. My gosh! Just thinking about this, waters my mouth.

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Paans, have been in Indian veins and arteries, since time unknown and experiments and changes are the law of nature. Bringing in the new and the better is really the moto of life. This is what this paan shop, is really dedicated to. We all love to experiment, whether it is clothes, food, travelling etc. then , why not with this friends? New paan flavours, are there for you to try and
choose your new favourite. And, those who fear the budget, let me tell you, all these options are served at just ₹30.

The large number of options, may confuse anyone. But, guys, wait, they are there to help you. Of course, India mein customer bhi devta hota hai. Thus, the owner Raj Bahadur Singh, identifies and suggests the options for you. Apart from that, his friendly and entertaining nature, will also keep you engaged.

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Now, guys, this is surely not worth a wait, Step Out to Hello Paanwala as soon as possible.

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