Golgappa Freaking Eating Competition! Yes Delhi, It’s happening!


Fresh flour kneaded with love, rolled into tiny pooris to be finally inflated to perfectly fit into
your mouth, this is the story of your true love, GOLGAPPA. It has been your companion from
‘broke’ times to ‘chatpata cravings’ time. Now is your chance to make this love affair public.
How? By heading to your own Firangi Café in Faridabad and taking the extravagant Firangitino Golgappa Challenge.

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What is it? Simple, the person who eats the most golgappa in one minute will win and get
exhilarating surprise prizes. Yes you heard it right; you’ll get rewarded in return of eating the
most (ache din aa gaye!).

So brace yourself and let the golgappa euphoria kick in as you get started with your mouth and
stomach training.
I am getting all my golgappa lover friends to double triple quadruple dare them to try and beat
me in this challenge, are you?

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When? 2 nd December’17
Where? Firangi Café, Sector 28- Faridabad
How? Click Here
Why? Why not?

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By – Saumya Garg for nearbuy.com

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