OMG! This Spa In Defence Colony Is Offering Foot Massage For ₹ 1 And We Are Not Even Thinking Twice!

Another stressful and hectic year has made its way and we are just tired and all weared out already! *Sigh*, “give me a break!” Hey, Delhi ladies, you’ve just got lucky here!
Because Masah Spa in Defence Colony is offering a foot massage for a rupee!! Yeaaahh, you read it right!

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It’s time to seek wellness with Masah Spa! The spa offers more than just body, hair, and nail services, it offers you equilibrium in life and helps bring out the best in you through its rejuvenating services. Inspired by nature, Masah Spa is a boutique spa and salon center that works with the aim of giving women a space to completely indulge in all round relaxation.

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The luxurious spa features soothing interiors and is fitted with top-notch products and equipment. The staff is friendly and talented and helps you burn away your aches and pains. Masah Spa is truly a place where you can care for your mind, body, and spirit!

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