All You Coffee Buffs In Delhi, These 5 Exquisite Cafes In Satya Niketan Are THE Most Apt For Your Next Romantic Date!!


Are you the one who loves to hang out at cafes with your friends and family? Are you more of a coffee buff? Then this place in Delhi has a lot to offer you.

Besides Hudson Lane, we have Satya Niketan in South Campus, fondly referred to as Satya, is the epitome of student’s hub. Just ask any South Campus college student that what Satya Niketan means to them and there can be a whole book written on it.

But don’t fret if you don’t know some of the breathtaking and exquisite cafes out there. Here is a list of some famous and yet to discover cafes:

1.Papa Buns

Who wouldn’t love to go to a place with such a cute name. This cozy and quirky little place is popular for its freshly baked buns and satiating your cocoa, caffeine ans sugary needs. It also promises to offer healthy and delicious mini meals. Click here to head you straight to its open voucher worth INR 300 valid on entire a la carte menu. 

papa buns cafe

2. Echoes

Try this cafe not just for their extensive range of food, but also to praise their efforts for bringing their an entirely deaf and mute staff. They achieve this feat with the help of their disabled friendly design. To place your order, you need to write your order on a notepad, after which you press the light switch right next to your table which signals the staff that you are all set to place your order. For additional requirements like extra spoon, tissue or the bill, you have a set of placards mentioning the same, placed right on your tables. Genius, isn’t it? You must try their Chicken Lasagna,Oreo Shake, Chocolate Sundae and Fried Chicken.

echoes cafe

3. Tin Town Cafe

This undercover(winks) cafe is the perfect place to relax because of the care free vibes of the place, soothing wooden decor, romantic lighting and an array of delicious food. It has everything perfect for a great outing experience with both your friends and family. Click here for some amazing Continental and North Indian bites clubbed with a range of shakes, moctails and coolers.

tin town cafe4. Hera Pheri Cafe

Yes, you guessed it right. The cafe has taken its name from the Bollywood movie Hera Pheri. This is a Bollywood themed cafe with nicely done decor comfy sitting area. Their concept of a world sideways with roofs having doors on them and walls having windows is really unique. You can call the stuff just by ringing the bell. Jump in to this Bollywood theme cafe asap!

hera-pheri cafe
hera pheri cafe food

5. Cafe 101

One of the oldest Cafes in the South Campus of Delhi University is Cafe 101. It was the first Italian cuisine cafe of Satya Niketan. It is one of the very few Cafes which serve breakfast. Feeling bored of lectures and hungry? Head over to Cafe 101 because their brunch is just too mouth watering and its hard to stop yourself. So get up and try this cafe yourself.

cafe 101 food

So guys, head straight to Satya Niketan and enjoy some coffee over cakes, pastries, cookies and much more.

-Divija Gupta for

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