All You Shopaholics In Delhi, Here Are 5 Popular Flea Markets In Town That Will Make You Go On A Shopping Spree Right Now!!!


Online shopping and malls have become quite a rage but the charm and chaos of shopping at these flea markets of Delhi is something which is unparallel and also practical at the same time.

Best part is that you can get hold of a lot of latest trends, if not all, at these flea markets and believe us, it can’t get better to shop here as compared to malls or even oredering online.

So, without wasting much of the time, lets get started with these markets:

1. Chandni Chowk

One stop destination for all shopping and a must pay visit during wedding time is what describes this pl;ace the best. Here you can get to see all the latest trends circulating around the country with bags, jewellery, footwear and what not. You name it and you have it.

chandni chowk flea markets

2. Sarojini Nagar

Its like second home for college shoppers as if you are looking for some greatly cheap stuff, then you can’t miss out on this market. Its a heaven for those who love to bargain. From clothes to junk jewellery to handbags, this market has a lot to offer.  Its open except on Monday.

sarojini nagar flea markets

3. Majnu ka Tila

This place holds in itself a lot Tibet-ian things to offer  from Tibetan food to cool t-shirts, bags, bandanas and much more, all starting at just INR 300. The lanes of this place have soothing and untainted Buddhist culture.

Majnu-Ka-Tila flea markets

4.  Kamla Nagar

Due to its location in the North Campus, it is always buzzing with college goers and is fondly referred to as Kamla Nags. You can buy clothes, footwear, accessories and books from here at a very cheap rate. The place also serves as home to numerous showrooms too. If not cheap stuff, it has also some expensive things selling too.

kamla nagar flea markets

5. Greater Kailash, M Block Market

Another popular and favorite flea market amongst the Delhiites is GK—an all round place for ‘serial’ shoppers. The flea market has got almost everything to offer to everyone. From traditional wear to funky jewellery and even trendy footwear! There is also  a huge lot of of cafes in the area if you need a quick break from that hectic  shopping!

In case you’re looking forward to getting a tattoo done, GK has some crazy awesome studios too!

gk-1 m block flea markets

So all the Delhiites out there and shopping junkies, have fun day shoppingand strength enough to carry huge bags (winks).

-Divija Gupta for


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