A Huge Chai Flask and cookies at INR 70 is Calling all you Chai Lovers out there to Rewind Yourselves here


Are you amongst the one who can sip on 2-3 cups of chai like biscuits? Do you just need an excuse to have charcha over a cup or two of chai? Are you one who is a so called “chai lover”? Then we have something for you. Click here to head straight to this exquisite and amazing world of chai to get some chuskis of it(winks)!


We know its not easy to believe this but you ought to do so. T’Pot Cafe in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar region is serving tea flask with some deliciously yummy and freshly baked cookies just for you for a meagre amount of INR 70. This is a cute and quirky chain of cafes. The place has got some concisely and thoughtfully decorated theme with kulhads  at the doorway with comfortable and multiple seating options available.

t'pot cafe

The cafe serves a wide array of food along with a range of hot and cold beverages and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is also a popular in the evenings with college kids and those looking to have a conversation over a hot cuppa coffee or tea. Click here if this hot piping deal of INR 70 is driving you crazy and you just wanna visit this cafe asap!

For getting such amazingly crazy deals, Click Here and you are all set to go ahead and have some chai out!

-Divija Gupta for nearbuy.com

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