Paintball on Valentine’s, anyone? At INR 275, this adrenaline pumped place in Gurgaon wants you to set some #RelationshipGoals !!

If you are not the one who are into mushy mushy love, instead are adventurous and sporty, then we have something in store for you! Why not head to a game of paintball this Valentines? Sounds great, yay!

Paintball, a game developed in the 1980s has been revamped in a fun and exciting way at this place in Gurgaon  with players eliminating opponents from the game by hitting them with dye-filled paintballs or pellets. Yes, The Paintball Rocks at Gurgaon is worth a place to visit this Valentines to get your partner dirty with loads of colours and flood them with coloured-love (winks). Click here to enjoy this fun game at just 275 bucks and let the excitement roll on!

paintballThey have guns with colour pellets and special clothes to wear with water drums like drums being placed in a huge ground for you to have fun. Pay more and get extra pellets and have added fun. Click here to avail this offer before it gets SOLD OUT this Valentines and to avoid you spending a dinner outing or doing something else!

paintball gameBy now, you must be eager to go and try some activities like this. So, why sitting and waiting? Click here to learn about more such fun and happening activities around the city #StepOut

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