6 Types Of People We All Find On Valentine’s Day – Is your friend one of them too?

Are you one those who cringe at the word “Love”? Or One of those who is always so excited about the “V” day?

Not everybody feels the same about this day entirely dedicated to love.Valentine’s day has entirely different meaning for each one of us and we all can relate to this.We’ve finally categorized the types of people we all come across on this lovey-dovey day.It’s time to figure out which one are you from this list!

1.The Over-Enthusiastic Couple – We’re talking about the duo who are madly in love with each that they just can’t resist following up the days leading to the “V” day. Yes, we are talking about the Oh! so hyped rose day, chocolate day, propose day and then there is also a day called promise day – Seriously?

2.The Last Minute Date – Don’t underestimate them as they might not have a date but will definitely make sure that they have one on this day.You’ll find them swiping away on Tinder trying to find their match to ignore the single vibes flooding every Valentine.They would make sure that they don’t land up alone on this day of love.

3.The Anti-Valentine Squad – The haters are here! These are the people who cringe at the word “love” itself. The one with a recent breakup might be in this squad as well.You’ll seem them putting up all Anti-love memes and status on social media.They prefer ignoring the whole existence of this day.

4.The Haq Se Single Category – This is one is for all the happy singles out there who believe in the single life.You might find one of them shouting “Pyar Ek Dhokha Hai” – Thanks to AIB as they have started a whole campaign for all the happily single people out there and we’re totally game for this one.

5.Cry Babies – Are you one of them recently had a breakup or did you just get to know about your crush’s valentine scene with his new date? We know you’re sad and every second of this day is making it worse and we totally understand! It’s high time you make yourself a priority and do something for which makes you happy.

6.The Girl Gang – More or less they fall in the same category of the haters but they definitely get something positive out of it.Don’t worry if you have no date this Valentine’s day as a day out with your besties will make you forget all your worries and keep you a hundred miles away from sulking. Who said the single life isn’t fun? Nothing is stopping you!

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