Woah Mumbaikars! Just for INR 99, Hairstyling+Haircut+Hairwash+Shave. Grooming Already?


This one is all for you #Men out there!

Get excited because we’ve got the best offer covered from you at one of Oh! so awesome Salons.

Are you looking for an extravagant package where you get a kickass hair styling package along with a shave session? Then it’s time to put an end to your search as we’ve found an epic one for you.Get your hair treated with perfection by the best of the stylists at Hair Art Family Salon along with a shave session at just Rs.99.It includes it all from hairstyling with gel, hair wash, haircut and a shaving session – What are you waiting for? Click here to purchase the offer now.

Say goodbye to your messy hair and get your self the most discounted deal of the season which includes a hairstyling, hair wash, haircut and a shave session at just Rs.99. Click here to buy the offer now!

Hair Art Family Salon is located on Pancheel Nagar, L.M. Road which is an easily accessible one.It offers a wide range of head to toe services by a dedicated staff of experts who wouldn’t leave you disappointed.They’ve got it all covered for you right from a fancy haircut to routine salon chores in the best way possible.One can definitely trust their services from an amazing salon experience.

Don’t worry your hair care would be in the hands of experts to give an exquisite experience at Hair Art Family Salon for just Rs.99.Click here to buy the offer now.

Still looking for more? Click here to find more discounted deals at your favorite salon near your area.

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