The Beer Cafe is NOW in Noida with its Literature themed cafe and all the Bibliophiles can’t stop swooning over it!


Books are said to be a man’s favourite and closest friends. They are a means of great interaction for introverts and a great past-time in case of boredom. How would you be like if we tell you that one of the prominent alcohol-beverage chain in India has come up with a unique Literature themed outlet? And icing on the cake is that its launch at one of the most prominent locations in Delhi NCR, Noida! Click here to have some cherry too on this cake as we have such great deals that you won’t be able to IGNORE!

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the beer cafe

The Beer Café has been treating all the beer-lovers out there in the country with over 50 different and exquisite kinds of brews being served at each of their outlets and that too since 2012. However, TBC’s oulet in Logix Mall, Noida after receiving flak for initially not serving null alcohol to a limited variety of beer has come up with an all new interesting new makeover at its 18th outlet in Noida.

This new and unique location intends to pay homage to the literary world with its artistic decor featuring pun-laden and brew-based wordplays on popular book titles. You know what? There are various options to step out in Delhi this weekend and also on Holi too. Click here to get hold of them and start exploring (winks).

Speaking on the launch, Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO, The Beer Café, said, “Some of the most famous authors have often expressed the charm of alcohol when it comes to art. Our latest outlet in Noida is aimed at capturing this synergy. With an ambience perfectly suited for sparking conversations and ideas we are confident that beer lovers will enjoy this dedicated space. Who knows, we might just catch the next batch of Hemingways and Bukowskis sitting there, cradling their pints and typing their way towards literary glory!”

the beer cafe

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