For less than INR 99, these 5 places in Kolkata serve perfection without burning a hole in the pocket!! We aren’t broke anymore!

On days when we are short on money but have sudden cravings, it gets difficult to meet the needs. Well Nearbuy has solved this dilemma of yours with its oh-s-amazing deals within just RS. 100!! Yes, you can do that. These places are proving to be true life savers.

Zeal and hunger together becomes Zunger. Here, you can get any 2 Veg/ Paneer/ Egg Rolls for just Rs. 49! Yes you read that correct. For such a low price you could get something so good and tasty.

Can’t afford this super amazing deal. Click to avail 2 Veg/ Paneer/ Egg Rolls for Rs. 49!! Also don’t forget your 15% cashback a first time nearbuy user.

The times when you are craving Chinese but have a light pocket, Wokaholic is your ideal spot. Get a Veg Hakka Noodles and a Chilli Paneer for guess what, just Rs. 75 instead of 225!! Get the taste of authentic Chinese flavors for so cheap.

Can’t resist your craving? Step out and grab this awesome deal while you still have time. Click here to get Hakka Noodles and Chilli Paneer for Rs. 75! Also don’t forget your 15% cashback as a first time nearbuy user.

The Shack 
Located in Salt Lake City, the Shack serves perfect snacks and fast food for the hungry ones. After classes, if you tedious cravings, this place welcomes you with all its heart. Get a Veg Burger for just Rs. 59 instead of Rs. 107! Better not miss this deal, or you’ll regret later.

Burger lovers! Isn’t this your abode? Click here to get a Veg Burger for Rs. 59. Where else could you get this!? Plus don’t miss your additional 15% cashback as a first time nearbuy user.

Want to drink away your night while keeping an eye on your pocket? This could happen. Restobar at Senator Hotel is the spot. Getting drinks for a low price is a never-to-miss opportunity, but getting 3 Old Monk or 3 Officers Choice Rum for just Rs. 90, is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss this chance.

Isn’t this like a dream-come-true? Drinking plus saving a few pennies is what we all want, right? Then click here to get 3 Old Monk or Officer’s Choice for Rs. 90!! Don’t miss out on your 15% cashback as a first time nearbuy user. 

The Brewich Cafe
Quirky setting, tasty good and pocket friendly deals go perfectly hand in hand. Ideal for a friend’s hangout, this café sets a mood of good food without frowning about the costs. Get a Sandwich/Burger and a Coffee/Tea for just Rs. 99!! Oh yeah, this is true.

Let the awesomeness begin with the smack of your lips. Click here to get a Sandwich/ Burger with a Coffee/ Tea for Rs. 99!! Also don’t forget to get the additional 15% cashback as a first time nearbuy user. 

Aren’t you all pumped up? Hurry and grab the super duper deals before you run out of time.

Click here to checkout more such deals in town with upto 60% discounts. Step out and explore the world of Nearbuy. 

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