Are you up for the challenge?

Have you always felt that you are have that little Sherlock in you that never fails to look into the smallest detail that is available? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hunt down for some clues in a locked chamber and use your skills to get out? Are you bored of eating at the same place or doing the same things on a weekend? 

Well then all your wishes have been answered. This unique amusement game located in Malad West gives one the opportunity to venture into a deadly chamber filled with mind boggling puzzles and tiny clues that will all materialise into helping you get out of the chamber.  

We have always watched our favourite actors making daring escapes from small rooms now we too get a chance to go through that exhilarating experience and be a part of a fun puzzle which not only works our brains out but also gives us bragging rights once we are able to finish it.  Garnering high ratings from visitors and a relatively affordable rate starting at merely 350 INR this activity has hosted crowds of all ages. So head out with your family and friends or if you are feeling a little too courageous then maybe just alone and get yourself locked and work your little grey cells.



So head over to nearbuy and avail a scrumptious discount and enjoy your heart out.

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