Get Ready for an Unforgettable Movie Night with SteppingOut


We can all agree to the popular notion that there are two kinds of people: bikers and those who prefer spending their free time sitting cosied up on the bed or couch watching movies for hours. This is the 21st century and movie buffs exist in real, y’all. Going to a cinema hall to watch the latest release is a rite of passage for every member of the movie-buff species. But have you ever thought about experiencing the magical world of movies with your friends and family under an open sky surrounded by hundreds of movie buffs like you?

This is where we bring in the awesome news for all the movie buffs residing in the city of Mumbai. India’s largest outdoor screening property, SteppingOut Movies Night, is coming to your city to host a night full of fun, frolic, and memories with a movie.

The procedure is really simple. A Facebook poll will choose the movie to be screened, decided from among a variety of options – from romance to sci-fi to drama to family movies. Apart from the movie, there’s going to be a bar and snacks served for the entire duration of the movie to keep you all stuffed and excited. (There will be tissues too, just in case you cry watching Dumbledore fall off that tower for the 174th time.)

So, what are you waiting for? We know you’ve already added this to your bucket list. Book your tickets now and get ready to live an unforgettable movie night under an open sky, with friends and food. (Bikers are welcome to enjoy a stationary and rather enchanting experience of movie-watching!)

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