Free Cuddles from Puppies Anyone? Yaaa! Puppy Spa just launched in India & is Free for First 1000 customers


Are you a pet lover? A person who cuddles puppies whenever you see them? Then we have got something for you worth dying for. Puppy Treat Services is now here to sooth you with a rejuvenating spa and little furballs to play with. Yes! You heard that correct. It’s a spa where you can play and goof around with dogs.

And the interesting part is the Puppy Treat Services is offering its first 1000 customers FREE SERVICES!! Totally and completely FREE!

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We’ve always heard about cafes or lanes where you can eat as well as enjoy with dogs. But a spa, is a totally new plus most exciting thing ever. After a hectic week at work, a weekend spa can up your day. But with your favourite little pups, it can genuiely top your day. This is like a dream come true moment. Isn’t this great?

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Now you know you can’t wait up. You’re running out of time with each minute passing by. Catch this best ever opportunity to have a next level experience with smushy furballs.

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