Howdy Chandigarh! Starting at Just INR 85, Get the best Veg Soya Chicken and Veg Rogan Josh meals at Char-B-Que


Voila people! Some of you might know the pain of giving up on meat consumption or maybe you are that green loving person who is regularly taunted by his friends for not knowing the taste of their favourite non-vegetarian meals. Now at Char-B-Que Mohali you can shut all of them up or relive the taste of precious chicken and mutton by gulping down the 100% Vegetarian Soya based chicken and 100% Vegetarian Rogan Josh meals.

You do not need to wait anymore for enriching your tongue with the best non-vegetarian taste in pure vegetarian meals at Just Rs. 85. Click here to buy the offer at nearbuy and get 20% cashback as a new user.

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At just 85 bucks you’ll get 1 Veg Rogan Josh with rice and a refreshing cold drink, it is double the fun as the same combination at just Rs 85/- is also available for Veg Soya Chicken.  You can also treat all of your non-vegetarian friends at Char-B-Que and let them recognize the wonderful non-veg flavours in pure vegetarian meals. Do not forget to check all the scrumptious deals from this restaurant.

Hurry now and click here to buy the offer at just Rs 85/- on and do not forget to get your 20% discount as a first time user.


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