Break Free! From All The Stress At The Blue Terra Spa For Just INR 1499! & Find Yourselves A Better You!!

Are you tired of working the whole day without a slight break? Well, in this busy world, everyone is tired because of their hectic schedules. So, Blue Terra Spa is here to help you shake it off a little bit. With its centers in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh, this spa place is offering services at so low, that we had never even imagined.

Click here to get an Anti Cellulite Oil Massage (45min) + a Shower/Steam (30min) for just INR 1499! Tell me how could you let this go away?! Also get 25% cashback as a first time nearbuy user.

Blue Terra Spa is among the 10 Best Spa and Body Massages in India with Ayurveda treatment for back pain and stress. This luxurious spa is well-designed with soothing citrus colors, ambient lighting and vibrant flowers. The masseurs are all professionals with extensive experience. Their techniques and methods are ideally designed to sooth and rejuvenate you by delivering wellness.

They are offering a choice of 12 massages like Slimming Powder Massage plus Anti-Cellulite Oil Massage with Blue Nectar Triphaladi Oil or just a simple Slimming Powder Massage aka Udwarthanam, Anti-Cellulite Massage with and without Udwarthanam, Back Pain Oil Massage done with Blue Nectar Devtvakadi Pain Oil, Back & Body Therapy,  Destress Oil Massage with RMB Vibration Head Massage aka RMB Therapy and more. These kind of relaxing agents are more than necessary for our busy and hectic lives.

Click here to get an Anti Cellulite Oil Massage (45min) + Udwarthanam (15min) +Steam/Shower (30min) for just the price of INR 1999! Spend a little, gain so much more. Don’t forget your 25% cashback as a first time nearbuy user.

We always choose the best for ourselves and when it comes to wellness, we never give it a second thought. So without any further doubts, step out towards the Blue Terra Spa and have a release from the mundane stress.

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