Mumbaikers! Starting At Just INR 349, Drink And Eat At This Sporty Cafe And We Cant Stop Smiling About It!!

Are you tired of going to the same boring cafes all the time?  Do want to watch the match, but your friends what to go out? This beautiful cafe called The Club & Courtyard has all the solutions.

Not only is it great place to hang out but also, it has big screen where you can watch your favourite games while drinking and munching onto their delicacies. Thats not all, it is also offering some amazing to -die- for offers making your drinking time both enjoyable and affordable.

Click here to avail this offer starting from INR 349. Enjoy a wonderful time and cheer for your favourite team while drinking glasses of beer with your friends. Get upto 25% cash back on this offer only at

The offers goes beyond your imagination. At just for INR 349, from Monday to Sunday, one can have 2 pints beers  or 2 mugs of draught beer along with 1 starter. 

If 2 pints of beer isn’t enough for you, then you can also get the 4 pints of beer or 4 mugs of draught beer along with 1 starter for just INR 549. 

Still not satisfied? Well then the Club & Courtyard is also giving 8 pints of beer or 8 mugs of draught beer with 2 starters for just INR 949. The menu has an array of starters ranging from both veg and non veg for you to choose from. This offer cannot be missed. So head to the Club & Courtyard to enjoy a great time with your friends. Don’t waste any time, offer is valid till 30th April 2018 only.

Cannot wait to grab this offer. Click right over here to get this offer only at INR 349 onwards. Have a gala time with your friends and drink all your worries away. Book now and get upto 25% cash back only at

Click here to book this offer and many such offers only at

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