Pune! This Surreal Hot Air Balloon Ride Is The Next Adventure You Need To Try And We Are Already On Our Way!

Who needs to go to Turkey anymore to sail in midst of clouds in a hot air balloon? Sky Waltz in Pune is here to the rescue. Take a deep breath and embark on this beautiful ride for this unbelievably cheap price. You would never miss this one.

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Sky Waltz is offering a 60 min Hot Air Balloon ride along with refreshments for just INR 9499. No we are not joking! Not just that, they are also offering you to interact with local villagers after landing and the best of all You get a certificate! Now thats something you can brag about to all your friends, and all this for just INR 9499. This exhilarating experience is available from Monday to Friday till 30th April 2018. 

Click right over here to get this offer for just INR 9499. Tick another one off your bucket list, while enjoying the view of the landscape from high above. Book now and get upto 25% cash back only at nearbuy.com

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Sinchita Mitra for nearbuy.com

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