Here Is Why Dhaba ESTD 1986 In Bengaluru Is The Perfect Destination For Your North Indian Food Love!


Punjabi food is at its most authentic at a road side dhaba as you take a break from a long drive. Believe us when we say this that DHABA ESTD 1986 DELHI replicates that same feeling and takes it to another level. This is where one would get Punjabi and Regional Indian  food at its best. It was established in Delhi over 30 years go and has now opened its doors in Bengaluru too in not just one but two different locations- One in Indiranagar and the other in Marathahalli, owing to its ever-growing popularity. 

Interiors of both the locations are funky and as quirky and fun as it gets. It stays true to its roots and the seating is warm and comfortable. The ambience is decorated with colourful glasses, and objects that one can very specifically find in a roadside Dhaba making it a signature for this wonderful restaurant.

The Dhaba Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Bhune Aloo of Dhaba in Indiranagar will remind you of a warm and homey atmosphere hitting you with a sense of nostalgia. It also has some other fantastic dishes like Rarha Gosht, Butter chicken and the one we loved Tilla Kulfi. The Dhaba never seems to run out of amazing Dal Tadhka and Indian breads which are staples with every meal. 

DHABA ESTD 1986 DELHI in Indiranagar is offering a bomb UNLIMITED Buffet Lunch for just INR 849! This will sure to make your heart go Balle Balle! Click here to check the gobsmacking lunch buffet offers starting at  just INR 849!! 

If you are looking for something more than just delicious food you then DHABA ESTD 1986 DELHI in Marathahalli is your calling. You can indulge yourself in domestic drinks and beers, and channel the fun vibe of Punjabis within you, at the aesthetically positioned Theka in Dhaba in Marathahalli. Don’t be surprised to see a paan shop and an impromptu dance routine as you are tucking into your delicious food!. 

DHABA ESTD 1986 DELHI in Marathahalli has one of the best Thekas in the town and even better offers. So click here and eat a wonderful delicious veg  buffet lunch as you sit back and drink a beer at this Punjabi Theka for just INR 599! 

Make sure you have your reservations done, as it is hard to get a table with its crazy popularity for both of these amazing locations.

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