Doting Parents Of Delhi! Watch Your Kids Break Into The World Of Adults For Just INR 1150!


Mommies and Daddies are your little kiddies eating up your head about what to do this summer? Are your kids getting bored all day of doing the same things again and again? Well, worry not anymore KidZania in Delhi NCR is here to the rescue. Enjoy a city like theme park which is built across 96,000 sq. ft and is one of a kind. See your kids turn into an astronaut, surgeon, teacher, pilot and what not. Only sky is the limit in this fun world of role-playing.

Click right over here to get this amazing offer at INR 1,150. Let your kids spread their wings as they not just have fun but also learn new things. Don’t forget to avail your 25% cash back only at

There is more things to cheer about! KidZania is giving some amazing offers just for you. You can now get up to 5 hours to send your kids off to explore the world of adult role-playing, while you can them turn into different roles from the lounge for just INR 11500. You can watch your kids take up various professional roles for the whole day at oh-so-low cost. Isn’t this just delightful!

Click here to avail this mega offer for just INR 1150. Watch your child transform and try a hand out at every role available. Book now and get up to a 25% cash back only at

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