Hey Jaipur! 5 Reasons Why Tapri In Your Town Is Making Our Hearts Swoon!


Imagine walking up in the morning and as you look outside you are sipping a perfectly brewed tea in your little cup. Now thats what one would call a perfect morning. Yet, keeping aside the roadside stalls in India, tea hasn’t really made big headlines like coffee has in respect to having designated restaurants and cafes. 

Tapri which literally translates to makeshift roadside tea stall is all set to change this tea drinking game in Jaipur. Located in the busting Tonk Road in Jaipur Marriott Hotel, this place is genuinely taking our breaths away. Here are 5 reasons why we are unable to resist this amazing cafe.

  • Lovely Ambience – You can now say goodbye to drinking your favourite cutting chai in the sweltering heat at a dirty roadside. You can just sit here and relax as you sip into your warm cup of tea. 

  • Rooftop Seating – It has a rooftop seating too, which makes it perfect on a lazy winter afternoon, as you have long conversations with your friends or are just simply reading a book with a cup of tea.

  • Chai is love – The ambience perfectly reflects the life of a chai drinker. It is colourful, vibrant and even the menu cards are in the form of ‘sarkaari files’. The walls are complete with cutting chai glasses and typical big jars used for keeping biscuits.

  • Oh so sweet! Menu – The menu has mish mash of dishes. With chaats, Indian snacks and even pizzas, pancakes and pastas making the cut. The most loved dishes here are the street foods- golgappe, vada pao, Maggi, Samosa, Bhel puri and the Mumbai Sandwich.

  • I love it ya! – The main reason why this place is a must visit is its variety of teas. From Assam Black, Nilgiri Black, Earl Grey, to Chinese, Japanese or Organic Green Tea, one can find every variety on their menu.

Tapri is a wonderful place to spend a great time to have your ever favourite cup of tea. It is also giving away some pretty warm offers.

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Sinchita Mitra for nearbuy.com

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