Excuse Me Delhi! We Are Drooling Over This Cafe For Offering Us 5 Drinks+ 2 Starters For Just INR 799


Feeling the heat lately? We have the perfect solution to beat the heat this summer. Gather all your friends and sip some of the ice cold amazing beer in this fantastic cafe and bar. Excuse Me Boss is your perfect excuse to hang out and just chill with your friends. The vibe is upbeat and will get you in the mood to just get your hair down and have just a few more drinks. The lighting is warm and the offers are warmer.

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Excuse Me Boss is now giving you the perfect excuse to head out to this wonderful cafe and bar for every occasion or even without an occasion. It is now offering 5 Beers+ 2 Starters at just INR 799. Let all the summer heat flow out from your body as you and your buddies chug down the chilled beer and gobble the delicious starters for just INR 799! You can choose from a wide variety of amazing starters to munch on with your lovely beer. Now thats an offer we wouldn’t miss. 

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Sinchita Mitra for nearbuy.com

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