Delhi! Party Like A God! Get 3 IMFL Drinks At Lord Of The Drinks At INR 499 ONLY!


Party like the Medievals did! With lots of drinks and no worries, good food is incidental!

The Lord Of The Drinks Forum aims at providing the best feasts and grand celebrations! It is an exotic getaway, which offers delicious Italian, Chinese, North Indian and European cuisines. Lord of the Drinks in Delhi has become a well-known and preferred destination amongst youngsters where they can spend leisure time with their friends and party hard.

They are offering 3 drinks and a choice of starter at just INR499! Click here to avail the offer and guzzle down those drinks like a Lord! Book now and get upto 25% cash back only at

They are offering a choice of drinks and a variety of starters for just INR 499. Get spoilt for choice and choose from Vegas Salt and Pepper, Veg Caesar Salad, Veg Spring Rolls and Honey Chili Potato and for Non Vegetarians they have Chicken Spring Rolls, Chilli Chicken, Roasted Chicken Caesar Salad and Saute Tandoori Chicken wings! And all this for a mere price of INR 499! Is your mouth watering yet? Because ours is!

Click here to get spoilt for choice and party like there is no tomorrow at INR 499 only! Also, get 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user!

Click here to get this offer and many other offers like this only at! Get 25% cash back as first time Nearbuy user!

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