Mumbai!! Don’t Worry Beer Happy! Doolally Taproom Is Here With This Amazing Offer & We Are Brewing Crazy!!


Mumbai! What if we tell you that you can order a mango cider, apple cider or an abbey blonde beer that’s within your budget? Unbelievable flavours? Not anymore! There is excitement in the world of beer and Doolally Taproom is creating all the buzz with their crafted beer available in assortment of flavours.

Doolally Taproom is known for its novel brewed beverages and is the fancy new brewery that has opened outlets across Mumbai. They are here to – Challenge you, Surprise you, Delight you. So now end your tyranny of bad beer.

Click here to avail 2 Crafted Beers + 1 House Fries at just INR 779! Try out their exotic and innovative flavours at the outlet near you today! Don’t forget to get your 25% cash back only on

They offer a unique collection of wheat beers, ciders, a stout, few ales & the very special Rauchbier (Smoked Beer). They also have beers on tap like – Hefeweizen, Abbey Blonde, Apple Cider, Oatmeal Stout and you can get any two of them for just INR 779! This place is a must visit for any beer lover!

Play popular board games like Cards Against Humanity, Catan, Chess, Battleship, Taboo, Jenga  to name a few, while sipping on beer. For pet lovers, they are pet friendly and don’t discriminate on size, breed or position in the animal kingdom. Well that’s just not it. They organise a bunch of art, craft, writing, coding, photography, language classes, pet grooming workshops in Doolally Taprooms.

To sharpen your skill set, they also host a pub quiz every Wednesday night at 8 pm where you can answer questions and win FREE pints of beer.

This place is a wonderland to quench your every beer craving!

Click here to enjoy games and beer from 7PM to 12AM at just INR 849! We are here for the beers on tap…what’s your excuse? The offer just gets better as you avail a 25% cashback as a first time nearbuy user!

Book your table right now and avail this amazing offers and more like this only on 

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