Our Fav Pal Dhaba Is Giving Non Veg Meal @99 INR & We Are Hungry Right Now! Are you too?


Pal Dhaba in Chandigarh has become synonymous with the most heavenly non veg dishes ever. Not just are the dishes amazing but the prices are so cheap that all you want to do is come back for more. Established in 1968, it has maintained its superiority by churning out delicious non veg dishes that can make anyone mouths water. Is your mouth salivating already! Wait till we tell you this amazing offer that Pal Dhaba is serving

Still don’t believe us? Well Click here and see for yourself and grab this amazing offer for just INR 99. Munch upon the amazing and popular non veg preparations with joy. Don’t forget to get your 25% cash back only on nearbuy.com

Pal Dhaba is now giving a heavenly non veg meal for just INR 99! Hard to believe isn’t it? You can savour the delicacy that this restraint has to offer for just INR 99. Now thats what we call an amazing offer. Lose yourself in the tasty non veg dish that makes your mind and soul go wow! Don’t think too much, just rush to Pal Dhaba as this offer is valid only for the first 200 customers! So that are you waiting for….

Click right over here to get this amazing offer for just INR 99. See for yourself what makes Pal Dhaba the best ever place to dine at. Don’t forget to get your 25% cash back only on nearbuy.com

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Sinchita Mitra for nearbuy.com

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