Delhi!!! Incredible Offer! At Smaaash, Buffet + Heck Load Of Games @ INR 549 Only! Let The Game Begin!


Looking for some excitement in your life? You don’t need to go to Sahara Desert for a Camel race now! Smaaash is offering a smashing offer of amazing activities and delicious food all rolled in one! It doesn’t get better than this!

Delhi is Smashing the heat at Smaaash, DLF Cyber Hub! Get a Buffet Lunch/Dinner + Super Keeper (5 Shots) + 1 Dance Off + 1 Camel Arabian Night + 5 Arcade Games all at INR 549 only! Can’t believe it? Click to avail! Don’t forget to get your 25% cash back only at

Experience the Arabian Nights, play Super Keeper and treat yourself to a lavish lunch only at INR 549! Incredible isn’t it? We are heading here right away to have the day of our lives. Where are you?

When its too hot to go outdoors, don’t ruin your holiday by staying indoors doing nothing. Go and Smaaash those pins at bowling or play the Super Keeper/Freekick Game all at prices easy on the pocket. You can  strap on your dancing shoes or play Virtual Reality (VR) Games, Interactive VR, Interactive + Competitive VR, VR + AI (Artificial Intelligence), VR + Real World, Augmented Reality on Hololens platform and gorge on delicious pizza all at INR 549! Go out with friends or party like a star! Why just be passive when you can enjoy active entertainment at Smaaash.

Its low on pocket and high on entertainment!

Activities Galore at Smaaash! Buffet Lunch/Dinner + Super Keeper (5 Shots) + 1 Dance Off + 1 Camel Arabian Night + 5 Arcade Games @ INR 549! Avail additional 25% cash back as first time Nearbuy user only at 

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