13 Reasons Why Delhi Is Ruling The Hearts Of People With Their Amazing Buffets & Barbeques!


Read on to know 13 reasons why Delhi is ruling the Barbecues and Buffets in India. Plan a lunch date today to experience a unique, charming and delicious meal at any of the restaurants and soothe your Barbeque cravings!

1. Pirates of the Grill

We all are in love with the delicious buffet served by Pirates at this place! Ranging from north Indian and Continental to Asian and Mediterranean cuisines ,their Pineapple Churro is to die for! That’s not all, they are now serving unlimited soft drinks/ cocktails with their lunch buffet all at INR 557! All the more reason to savor their 5 course meal with one of their lip-smacking concoctions like Virgin Mojito, Pirate Panna, Strawberry Virgin Margarita or the classic Lemonade, that too unlimited! What are you waiting for? 

Its a loot! Pirates await! All aboard, click here and get Buffet Lunch (veg) +Unlimited Softdrinks/Mocktails @ INR 557 only!

2. The Barbeque Company

This place takes the meaning of freshly cooked food to next level! Watch your meal being prepared in front of you live whilst sipping on unlimited soft-drinks! Their buffet menu is diverse and watch entranced as they char your meal and the aroma fills your senses. They are offering Veg BBQ Buffet Lunch + 1 IMFL (30 ml) / 2 Mocktails + Unlimited Soft Drinks@ INR 495 only! Gorge on their delicious buffet and experience the joy of live cooking today

Fresh Food with Drinks, don’t miss this offer! Click here to get Veg BBQ Buffet Lunch + 2 IMFL (30ml) / Mocktail@INR495 Only!

3. BBQ Factory

BBQ Factory is known for its delicious food coupled with live music assuring a magnificent dining experience. Witness the art of grilling right at your table and relish GRANDE Veg Lunch Buffet + Unlimited Soft Drinks / 2 Mocktails @INR 549 ONLY! The spicy flavors and enticing cackling of live grills are definitely going to catch your taste buds like wildfire. Head now, to BBQ Factory in Sector 53, Gurgaon for a delicious local cuisine prepared fresh, only for you.

Music and food is an irresistible offer. Dine at BBQ Factory and eat a GRANDE Non-Veg Lunch Buffet + Unlimited Soft Drinks / 2 Mocktails@INR 599 only!

4. Jungle Jamboore

Jungle Jamboreee has taken experiential dining to next level by creating a Rainforest with mermaids in the heart of Delhi. Enjoy a 7 Course Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft drinks/2 Mocktails @ INR 599 only in a rustic setting of a mini jungle with an underwater feel and mermaids by your side!They have blended the ambiance of the jungle with an array of scrumptious Continental, Chinese, Thai, Mughlai and North Indian cuisines. Enjoy the unlimited drinks and refresh yourself by indulging in an entertaining dinner at Leisure Valley, Gurgaon.

Experience underwater dining at Jungle Jamboree and relish a 7 Course Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft drinks/2 Mocktails @ INR 599 only! Get additional 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user. 

5. The Ancient Barbeque

There is nothing ancient about this place expect the techniques they use to grill and char their meal, borrowed from the Mughals. Their chic ambience, pleasant staff and extensive menu have made it the top spot to enjoy Mughlai food. If there is anything that can be barbequed they have barbequed it for you! Taste the cinnamon pineapple, Nawabi soya or Hyderabadi mutton and Holsi fish at their extravagant Non-Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Mocktails / Soft Drinks@ INR 640 or Veg Buffet @ INR 580 only! Treat yourself to their delicious meal, heavy on taste and light on pocket!

Mughlai Food at its best at Ancient barbecue. Click here to avail their buffet offer Non-Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Mocktails / Soft Drinks@INR 640 only. Also, get additional 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user.

6. Indian Grill Room

Contemporary dining, inventive dishes and terrace lounge have lent a unique charm to this place. They serve a wide range of delicacies from Mughlai and North Indian cuisines. Enjoy a Buffet Lunch with mocktail @ INR 625, soak in the city view or relax indoors with their rustic interiors. Appreciate their authentic food and lingering flavor at Sector-54, Suncity, Gurgaon today!

Enjoy outdoor or indoor sitting and eat your fill at this Buffet Lunch with Mocktail@ INR 625 only! Click here to know more about this deal and avail more deals like this.

7. Themis Barbeque House

Ever dreamt of dining under the stars? At Themis enjoy Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks + 1 Mocktail/Domestic drink( 30ml)@INR 499, under the stars surrounded by yellow fairy lights and fairyland ambience. Their terrace seating is breathtaking at night and their indoor seating is perfect for lunch with soothing lighting and unlimited drinks! This restaurant a hub for North Indian, Asian, Italian cuisines and delicious desserts including a plethora of kulfi flavors. Come experience Themis Barbecue House, where flavorful dishes & desserts are in abundance.

Enjoy Non-Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks + 1 Mocktail/Domestic drink(30ml) @ INR 599 at this picturesque restaurant. Click here to avail more deals like this and get 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user.

8. Castle’s Barbeque

Dine like Royalty in this Castle which is serving rich food medieval style. Always dreamt of living in a castle? At Castle Barbeque turn that dream into reality! A castle themed casual dining restaurant, Castle’s Barbeque promises a regal taste befitting your royal highness. Feast like a Majesty at their Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks @INR 525 only! They serve a lavish spread of North Indian and Chinese delicacies with specialty barbecues brought to you right off the grill! Experience grandeur with servers addressing you as ‘thee highness’ and treat yourself to a live chaat and kulfi corner. They royal court awaits you my royal highness!

The Castle is at your service! Click here to avail a Non-Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks@INR625 only! Get additional 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user.

9. Baand Baaja Baraat

Missing the great Indian wedding food? Don’t wait for the wedding season, head to Band Baaja Baraat for a shaadi type banquet. Under the canopy of flowers savor a Veg Buffet Lunch+ Unlimited Soft Drinks / 1 Beer(330ml) / 1 IMFL (30ml) / 2 Mocktails@INR 549 only! A live chaat, golgappe and pasta counter, 4 desserts and unlimited soft-drinks or a paan mojito, this isn’t all and we are drooling already! The restaurant is seeping in opulent gold and cream offering a charming décor. We have donned our best dresses and are heading to the hottest spot in town! Come with all the baraatis and celebrate with band and bajaa! No need to crash a wedding now!

Teekhi chaat and cheesy pasta are just a click away! Avail a Non-Veg Buffet Lunch+ Unlimited Soft Drinks / 1 Beer(330ml) / 1 IMFL(30ml) / 2 Mocktails@INR599 only! Don’t miss out the best shaadi spread of the season!

10. Bon Barbeque

 Enjoy the sizzle of the kebabs and tandoori paneer right infront of your eyes. At Bon Barbeque they being in-house sauces, spice rubs and slow smoked barbecue which is sure to leave your salivating. Their Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drink / Mocktails is for INR 585 only! Their creative menu blends the flavor of North Indian cuisine with international flavor leaving you with a global tasting experience. Enjoy unlimited soft-drinks with a dessert and salad bar, a soup, 6 starters, choices of breads and 10 main course dishes. Yum yum, Bon Appetite!

Crispy kebabs, cool drinks and cost friendly deal! Isn’t it an offer that shouldn’t be missed? GetVeg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drink / Mocktails @INR 585 only!

11. Jungle Jamboree, Rajori Garden

Jungle Jamboree has spread its jungle across Delhi in Rajori Garden too! Dine with your loved ones or treat yourself amidst nature without leaving Delhi! Does it get better than this? Yes! Because now they are offering  a 7 Course Veg Buffet lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks/2 Mocktails at INR 599 only! Spend a wild night out with the wildlife and enjoy barbecue food with unlimited drinks in a dining experience like no other.

Click here to experience the Jungle and enjoy a lavish spread  of 7 Course veg Buffet Lunch with unlimited soft drinks @INR 599 and Non-Veg Buffet Lunch @INR 659 only! 

12. Spize Kitchen and Bar Barbecue

Feel like having barbecue today? Head to Spize for the meal of your life! Saiteate your cavings with their scrumptious spread, 6 starters, 10 salads , 10 main course dishes and  7 desserts are sure to leave your tummy full and smile intact! Their ambience is chic and contemporary, their food leaves you wanting more and their service is impeccable. Thats not all, they are now offering Veg Buffet Lunch+ Unlimited Soft drinks/2 Mocktails @INR525 only! 

Sip unlimited Soft Drinks and feast like a king @INR525 only for their veg-buffet lunch and INR 625 for non-veg buffet lunch! It doesn’t gets better than this!

13. Over the Top

If you are gaga over buffets then go Over the Top to experience good food with beautiful ambience! Opt for a terrace, lounge or indoor seating, choose from dishes over the world and enjoy their Veg Lunch Buffet + Unlimited Mocktails/1 Pint of Beer (330ml)/1 IMFL Drink (30ml)@INR 475 only! What are you waiting for? The ambience will take your breath away and the food will make you want it more. Ticking all the right boxes, this place is the best place to enjoy a lunch with your friends and family!

Its not a dream! Click here to avail Non-Veg Lunch Buffet + Unlimited Mocktails/1 Pint of Beer (330ml)/1 IMFL Drink (30ml) @INR 525 only! Get additional 25% discount as first time nearbuy user.

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