Yummy Food on your Plate! Hyderabad Kids, Lunch/ Dinner Buffet with a Welcome Drink on Saturday & Sunday at Flechazo at just INR 104 only for you!


Is your child really fond of food? Do you wish to feed your child with the best food from the best restaurants often but also get concerned about your pocket? Fret not when Flechazo is here!

Its time to make your kids smile! Flechazo is offering a Buffet Lunch/ Dinner along with a Welcome Drink for kids from 6-12 years at just INR 104 on Saturdays and Sundays! No, no, we aren’t befooling you! It is true.

Click here and give your child a great meal this weekend! Get a Kids (6-12 years) Lunch/ Dinner Buffet and a Welcome Drink on Saturday & Sunday at just INR 104! Don’t forget to earn a cashback of upto INR 150 if you are new to the Nearbuy family! Feeling super happy?

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The menu is huge and your kid is definitely going to get confused with the number of options it comprises of. (The menu changes daily and the items are subject to availability.)

  • 1 Welcome Drink
  • 1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg Sushi
  • 1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg Dimsum
  • 1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg Tapas
  • 2 Chaat Options
  • 5 Pizza & 5 Pasta Options
  • 1 Veg & 1 N-Veg Live Grill
  • 2-3 Veg & N-Veg Oriental Starters
  • 1-2 Veg & N-Veg Mediterranean Starters
  • 2-3 Veg & N-Veg Indian Tandoor Starters
  • Churasso grilled fresh fruits
  • Chicken Shawarma with pita bread
  • Soup (1 Veg & 1 Non-Veg)
  • Salads (2 Veg & 2 Non-Veg)
  • Assorted Breads
  • 3 Accompaniments
  • Main Course (6 Veg & 4 Non-Veg)
  • 1 Rice Preparation
  • 1 Veg & 1 N-Veg Biryani
  • 8 International/Indian Desserts
  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

This restaurant is an ideal culinary destination for a social gathering or family dinner and has a great ambiance, comfortable seating and plush interiors. The staff also very courteous and takes good care of its guests.

So, Saturday or Sunday? Which day have you decided? The Sun is already shining very brightly, it is time for you to make hay, only if you know what we mean! 😉

Here’s the link, Your Kid’s Buffet Lunch/ Dinner at Flechazo at just INR 104 on Saturday & Sunday! On the way to a happy tummy!!

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-Tanvi Anand for nearbuy.com




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