Delhiwalon! Khao, Piyo Aur Aish Karo At These 8 Out-Of-The-Box Themed Restaurants! Unique Is The New Sexy!!


Bored of mainstream dining places? Looking for excitement? Look no further! Here are 8 out of the box themed restaurants where you get the ultimate dining experience!

1. Jungle Jamboree

Soak in your love of adventure, rain forest and lush green foliage. Delicious food and experiential dining experience are the high points of this place. Enjoy the a 7 Course Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drink/Mocktails @ INR 599 only  in a rustic setting. This place resembles a mini jungle and underwater life with statues of animals and mermaids. Enjoy the unwinding drinks in the bar and refresh yourself by indulging into an entertaining dinner.

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2. Castle’s Barbeque

Always dreamt of living in a castle? At Castle Barbeque turn that dream into reality! A castle themed casual dining restaurant, Castle’s Barbeque promises a regal taste befitting your royal highness. Feast like a Majesty at their Veg Buffet Lunch + Unlimited Soft Drinks @INR 525 only! They serve a lavish spread of North Indian and Chinese delicacies with specialty barbecues brought to you right off the grill! Experience grandeur with servers addressing you as ‘thee highness’ and treat yourself to a live chaat and kulfi corner. They royal court awaits you my royal highness!

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3. Ruin Pub

A gastropub resembling a psychiatric museum this place is a perfect way to spend a quirky night out. Eat surrounded by burnt-face dolls, mannequins, cables like octopuses, computers, cassette music and everything wonderfully weird you can think of all under one roof.  Get a lunch buffet at INR 399 only! Their delicatessen, a fusion of international and Indian delicious dishes is mouth watering couple with live music, best of Hollywood and Bollywood as well as independent artists come to sing. Head to Ruin Pub to experience madness today! 

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4. The Submarine Lounge

Eat underwater or over the sea, feel like your are in the depths of the ocean or boating in waters. This lounge is a must go place for your next weekend. The Submarine Lounge is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is known for its nightlife and poolside dining. Enjoy 2 Pints or Beer (330ml)/ 2 IMFL Drinks (30ml) + 1 Starter @ INR 349 only! The lounge serves Chinese, North Indian, Continental and Italian food along with a range of drinks available at the bar, for both lunch and dinner. Their picturesque ambience and delicious food makes this into a hot, hot dining experience. 

Under the water or over the sea get 4 Pints of beer (330ml) / 2 Pints of Simba beer (330ml) / 4 IMFL drinks (30ml) + 1 Starter@INR 499! Rock bottom prices over the sea! Avail additional cash back as first time nearbuy user.

5. Garam Dharam

Are you a Bollywood freak? Do you talk entirely in filmy dialogues? Is the 10AM first day first show where you’ll be found on a Friday? Garam Dharam is THE place for you! This place has been curated specially for movie buffs with a dhaba ambience a slice of butter in the daal. Their Indian food is lick smacking, and they are offering 4 IMFL Drinks and 1 starter @ INR 699 only! Does is get better than this? I think not! Visit this place today to treat the truly filmy side of you and eat delicious food to incite the Punjabi in you! Hadipaaaa… dal makhani with Sholay… here we come.


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6. National Highway 44

Now that we are talking about dhaba food this place is a must goo for people who love rustic desi khana. Names after the longest highway in India, this place is theme after the ancient yet still preveland eaten dhabas found along the highway. With manjis and bamboo stool seating, earthy walls, bullock carts and unfinished walls this place enraptures our herts and takes us on a nostalgic trip. Their food is to die for with butter chicken, hot naan, and paneer butter masala…and not get 2 Pints of Beer (330ml) / IMFL Drinks (30ml) + 1 Starter@ INR 449 only! Truly dhaba food and dhaba prices! Don’t pinch yourself, its for real!

Drooling already? Gorge on food which makes you want to eat more! Get 2 Pints of Beer (330ml) / IMFL Drinks (30ml) + 1 Starter@INR 499 only! Authenticity k naam par get 25% extra cash back as first time nearby user! Click here before the food gets eaten!

7. 2 Floors Country Inn by Clarkson

Uber cool, modern, stylish and the coolest place to be this summer. This chic restaurant offers an experience of a lifetime and everyone must vita it once. With a scientific-fi setting, plush sofas, neon lighting, this places surely grabs eye balls. Now get 1 starter + 2 IMFL (30ml) drinks@INR 499 only!Food is prepared by chefs from all over the world, there is food and fun in a stylish pod. Head here today to throw an eccentric party everyone will remember for days to come. Canopy sitting and trippy lights, this is the most happening place in town right now!  

Neon lighting, mosaic structures and 1 Starter + 2 IMFL (30ml)@INR499 only! Dine with style and the hottest place in town. Lets make it hotter and avail 25% cash back as first time nearbuy user!

8. Desi Vibes

Is dal tadka is the dal for you? Do you love food with is truly Desi vibes is the place catering to those desi hearts who love food prepared with love and desi at soul.  Desi Vibes has a Mughlai ambience with intricately carved windows, lanterns, upholstery, wooden furniture and clay walls, doing full justice to its name. Now for the love of food, get 2-course veg/non-veg meal + 2 cocktails @ INR999 only! Desi Dil walon… head here today for celebrate the Indian in you! After all good food is every Desi’s right!

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