Dilli Mein Dosti Now Even More Fun At These 6 Top College Hangout Spots!!


Who doesn’t love chilling after college? Hanging out with friends during bunks breaks is a must in college life. Delhi’s student life is no less exciting! Check out these must-visit places that we picked out, that are the top student haunts at affordable prices and affordable distances!

1. Cafe de Art

A nooky spot located in bustling Connaught Place, Cafe de Art is a pretty, colourful and calm place with really affordable and delish food – an ideal cafe to eat and chat with friends. You can even look at the beautiful paintings adorning the walls while waiting for your food. A value for money spot, it is a must-visit!! They have something for everyone ranging from breakfast sandwiches and omelettes, nachos, chinese and even cookies!

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2. Goosebumps

Feeling that sweet tooth? Get your cravings satisfied at Goosebumps in Dayanand Vihar. They serve exclusive ice creams and desserts, with a huge variety of donuts, slushes, coffees, and ice creams. You can choose to have your ice creams with nuts, fruits, sprinkles, candies, oreos, jellies and so many more! They also have an option to make your own dessert by picking components of your choice, while they make it in front of you. You can even try some of their fav savouries like pizzas, nachos and garlic bread. Sweet Jesus!!

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3. The Vegas Cafe

Get a break from those books at The Vegas Cafe, located right at Delhi University in GTB Nagar! All your favourite junk food like momos, paneer tikka, spring rolls, nachos and pizzas, in one place. They have live sports screenings, so you can go in a group and chill with your buddies! The place has a Vegas-casino-styled decor, and reputed for their hookahs. Affordable, fun, good food, entertainment. What more do you need?

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4. Superstar Café

NACHO with nachos at this Bollywood-themed restaurant, located opposite Venkateshwara College in Satya Niketan. Excellent, inexpensive food with huge quantities, this place was practically made for those budget-tight college-goers. They play great music, with live sports screenings, and even a wide variety of board games to pass your time. Superstar ca has mastered the art of the college-student’s staple diet – Maggi! You can pick from “China Town” Chinese food, “Nana Startekars”, “Pee Cee Pizza”, “Shake it like Shammi”, to name only a few categories. We can guarantee that Mogambo khush hua 🙂

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5. Café 101

A small, nondescript and simple place very close to Superstar Café, at Satya Niketan. Café 101 serves inexpensive and inviting food. Drop by for a wholesome thali to get your lunch done all in one go, or try their crunchy saucy wraps for a quick bite. Looking for nightlife? Then you should make plans to book a table cause it gets super packed here! 

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6. Crazy Kitchen Lounge & Terrace

What better way to conclude the list with the craziest restaurant in town! Crazy Kitchen Lounge & Terrace is the third place on this list at the bustling Satya Niketan market. You can’t help but feel happy with their bright and fun decor, designed to cheer you up after that long day in class!! Lift your spirits even more with their super-low prices (What?? A cheap Terrace restaurant!?). Party your day away, accompanied with their jaw-dropping Honey Chilli Potatoes, Lemon Chicken, Pizzas, Chinese, etc. There’s the bell!

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-Taruna Venkatachalam for nearbuy.com


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