Mumbai! How About BOGO On Waffles At Waffle Point For INR 149? Crazy Isn’t It?!


If you are stuck in the midst of filling your hunger and pampering your sweet tooth, The Waffle Point is just where you should be. The Waffle Point is a dessert parlor that serves some flavorsome desserts sandwiched inside spongy waffles to pleasure your sweet tooth.

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Situated in Andheri, Mumbai, this place offers a happy and cozy environment with a colorful interior to light up your mood every time you walk in. They serve a wide range in waffles but you just can’t resist the Nutella Waffle served here with dripping chocolate sauce topped with dark choco chips. Also try the sinful Mini Pancakes and Bubble Waffles. It just tastes heaven!

Alongside, there is also an array of exquisitely delectable milkshakes and soft drinks to luxuriate you in this little room of happiness. You can also choose from various other offers including pancakes, nachos, mini pancakes and more. This place surely has a lot to offer you.

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Come to grab your waffle at this Waffle Point and relish a super awesome time with friends and cousins.

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