Chennai! Have Delicious Biryani & Not Pulao At 77 Kitchen For Just INR 179!!


 “Bina Chicken ke Biryani ko Pulao kehte hai.”

Haven’t you heard it a lot from all your Non-Vegetarian friends, all the time and are you not sure as to from where should you try your first ever Chicken/Mutton Biryani from? 77 Kitchen is the solution to it all. They give one of the best biryanis in town and you will be in awe of it’s taste and the crazy offer that we have for you!

Click here to get 1 Chicken Biryani + Chicken 65 (4 Pieces) + 1 Soup + 1 Buttermilk + 1 Scoop of Ice Cream for 1 Person for INR 179 only!

If you think that Biryani is the God’s Food and it can show you heaven on Earth, there is nothing stopping you from trying their biryani. Biryani is called the food of utmost luxury with the fine blend of the richest Indian Spieces and handcrafted recepies that have time-travelled from when decades ago.

Click here to get 1 Mutton Biryani + Chicken 65 (4 Pieces) + 1 Soup + 1 Buttermilk + 1 Scoop of Ice cream for INR 199 only!

What are you waiting for? Head to 77 Kitchen right now with your friends/family and induldge yourself in the best Biryani!

Click here to get more such amazing offers with upto 60% off at the best places in town. Beware! You might get hooked to us.

-Prashita Kanstiya


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