Reasons Why Hoppipola Is Where You Should Be At When The Ball Drops!


Hoppipola is a chain of one of the most happening retro bars. At Hoppipola, there’s room for everyone to be happy – the loud ones, the noisy ones, the quiet ones, the giggling ones, the crying ones, the sighing ones, the huffing ones and the puffing ones. And so are their parties too. Checkout all about it.

Hoppipola, Mumbai

Hoppipola is an embodiment that you don’t need to be young to have fun. And what better way than spending the whole day, perched atop a funky terrace with lots of exciting stuff! Beer Pong, Beer Chuggathon, a quirky book section, model Aeroplanes Suspended from the Roof, Video and Board Games, Blackboard Tables and Toadstool Seats.

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Hoppipola, Kolkata

With so many parties happening in your city, you must be very confused what to miss and what not to miss. Well we are here to rescue you, with our handpicked suggestion for Hoppipola. It’s neither too pricey, nor too plain, in other words it is a perfect place for you to be when the countdown begins. With different games along with DJ music, the end of 2018 could sum up amazing.

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Hoppipola, Bangalore

Hoppipola is the apple of everybody’s eye. However, less people are aware of the what a hoot this place can also be at throwing parties. Join the New Year fun at this place because there will be Beer Pong and Beer Chuggathon, the beer lovers can take a deep breathe now. Apart from this, if you’re not a fan of wild parties, then enjoy the video and board games here. Something for all is their motto.

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Hoppipola, Hyderabad

Situated in Hi-Tech City, Madhapur, Hoppipola is one of the best place for the ones who wish to raise a glass to bidding the year a farewell. Delicious food, trippy drinks, thunderous music, board games, drink games, books, and so many other catchy elements are the reasons why you should not miss this fun-packed night.

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Hoppipola, Pune

Of course there is the legendarryyy Sunburn, but let’s not forget it’s also way too out of budget for some. Therefore, for all those who think there’s no way for them to party, wait up as there’s Hoppipola too. There’s DJ, there’s food, there’s drinks, there are games, so tell me what more do you need? Bring in your friends and have a memorable night.

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So where are you heading this NYE?

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