5 reasons why Bitti from Bareilly ki Barfi will win your heart!


She lives life unapologetically, on her own terms and does not give much importance what others think of her.

She is not your typical abla naari – she is strong, independent and can take care of herself.

She figures she’s found the man of her dreams – and she pursues him with single-minded passion.

She is capable of making her own decisions, but she wants her parents’ seal of approval on the boy of her choosing.

Even though she’s a diehard romantic at heart, she is also quite practical. When asked what she would do if her dream man doesn’t like her back, she has the perfect response – “Agar pasand aaye toh aaye hai, nahin toh bye bye!”

It takes special guts to not be the society’s version of ‘normal’ and Kriti Sanon manages to capture the essence of Bitti and portray it quite flawlessly.

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– Merlin Jose & Sonia Jacob for nearbuy.com

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