Sulu’s “Main Kar Sakti Hai” Is The Reason We All Need To Watch Tumhari Sulu


Tumhari Sulu is a slice-of- life film that revolves around Sulochana(played by Vidya Balan), a middle class housewife who wants to participate in everything, because she is driven by a singular faith in herself-best captured by the words” Main Kar Sakti Hai”.

She isn’t dreary of life, she just wants more, and won’t wait for any hand-me- downs to come her way. Her husband Ashok(played by Manav Kaul) who works in a textile firm and though a bit patriarchal, supports his wife whichever way he can. And then there is their son Pranav(Abhishek Sharma), who is wonderfully integrated in their non conventional, quirky household. We also see Vidya’s family who are appallingly unsupportive of whatever she does, complete with bullying elder twin sisters, who think a job in a bank is all there is to life. Amidst this, Sulu lands herself a job as a radio jockey, and the movie chronicles the crazy rollercoaster her life becomes after this, and how she emerges from it all victorious.

Directed and written by first time director Suresh Triveni, a former ad film-maker (the man behind the Mauka Mauka ads), this story has its shortcomings, with some storylines in the second half unexplained and stretched. But with all that, this film can confidently join the ranks of similar films I have enjoyed this year-Hindi Medium, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan et al. Tumhari Sulu is also excellently complemented by the music, scored by some prominent names like Guru Randhawa and Tanishk Bagchi(behind the super-hit Tamma Tamma song from Badrinath ki Dulhaniya).

Films like these need to have some strong casting, who can’t just act but in a sense embody the characters. Every actor in this film is a revelation-Manav Kaul who plays the conflicted husband who wants his wife to fly, but also wants to meet societal obligations; Abhishek Sharma, the son, who at a tender age has already mastered the art of business; Neha Dhupia, the supportive but steely-firm champion of the radio station Sulu works for; Malishka who essentially has to play herself, but does it with ease ; I could go on and on.

But, but, BUT this film has Vidya Balan’s stamp all over it. She is, without any doubt one of the finest actors we have in this generation. She makes us all forget Vidya the actor, and instead root for Sulochana whose signature line as an RJ, “Hellooo, Aapki Raaton ko Jagane..” is probably something all men will long for to hear. When she laughs throughout the film(and she is damn cute when she does!), we laugh with her. When she cries, there is nothing I could do to stop the waterworks. People boast about how heroes like Salman Khan can pull audience to theatres. Well, I walked into a jam-packed theatre with all my fellow patrons hooting and whistling their hearts out watching this force of her own, that is Vidya. Hats off truly.

nearbuy Review: 3.5/5

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